We deal with the winding, complete mechanical repair and maintenance of the following electric rotating machines and other appliances ranging from the smallest to the largest size:

  • Complete repair of one- and three-phase asynchronous motors and generators;
  • Repair of DC motors and generators;
  • Repair of BLDC and PMSM motors;
  • Repair and rewinding of special electric rotating machines, Schrage motors, servomotors, vibromotors, pump motors, Dahlander motors and other multi-turn motors;
  • Repair of traction motors (locomotive, tram, trolley, subway, etc.);
  • Repair of 3kV and 6kV motors/generators;
  • Repair of transformers;
  • Repair of electric truck motors;
  • Repair of starter motors, vehicle-mounted generators;
  • Repair of pumps;
  • Repair of compressors;
  • Repair of ventilators;
  • Repair and renewal of lifting electromagnets and magnetic chucks

Further activities

  • Expert counseling from our engineers regarding the operation of electric machines and appliances;
  • Repair of AC motors/generators and slip ring motors;
  • Vacuum impregnation (Thermal classes F and H);
  • Dynamic balancing of rotors, bodies of revolution and ventilators;
  • Insulation reinforcement, reimpregnation;
  •  Slip ring manufacturing;
  • Repair and renewal of electric heaters;
  • High voltage insulation testing of electric machines (even on site) ;
  • Measuring the insulation resistance up until 10 TΩ
  • Measuring the Polarization Index (PI)
  •  Dielectric Discharge ratio (DD) and
  •  Dielectric Absorption ratio (DAR)
  • Vibration diagnostics;
  • We also undertake fitting and turning jobs

Machine and tool park

  • 8 tonne crane
  • 12.5 tonne bridge crane
  • 2 dynamic balancing benches for rotors max. 460 kg and max. 4 tonnes, respectively
  • 3 lathes. The big lathe is capable of handling rotors having a max. weight of 10 tonnes, max. diameter of 1020 mm and max. length of 2000 mm.
  • 1 milling machine
  • Vacuum impregnation equipment for rotors max. 1000 mm in diameter (we use impregnators  F or H thermal classes )
  • 3 driers, overall dimensions: 1200x1200x1800 mm, 1000x1000x1600 mm and 800x800x2400 mm
  • 4kV, 6 kV, 10 kV and 25 kV Voltage withstand test device
  • Test stand capable of 11 kW and 186 kW load test
  • TeraOhm 10kV high voltage diagnostic insulation testing instrument
  • Vibration measuring instrument

Every additional tool and instrument necessary for improving the quality

Our company possesses ISO 9001 certificate.

Number of employees: 44 excellent specialists.