• SW 7309

    Our company specialises in repairing and rewinding of special electric rotating machines, Schrage motors, frequency converters, servomotors, drum motors, vibromotors, pump motors, Dahlander motors and other multi-turn motors, traction motors (locomotive, tram, trolley, subway, etc.), transformers, electric truck motors.



  • Stator winding

    Complete repair of asynchronous and synchronous motors and generators up to 10kV.

    Repair permanent magnet rotors.




About Us


The history of the ASELEC Villamosgép Javító és Szolgáltató Bt. (ASELEC Electric Machine Repair and Service Provider L.P.) can be traced back as far as 1936. By now, the venture has become a recognized electric machine and service provider company on the market, therefore it is the regular partner of several national and international firms.

Our company has specialized in the repair and maintenance of special electric rotating machinery, and motors/generators of every performance size. The core of its specialist team is constituted by a group of experts with multi-decade experience, complemented by the younger generation with their up-to-date technological knowledge.

According to the demands of our partners, we undertake the selection, installation, start-up, monitoring, complete maintenance and repairment of electrical machines, devices, motors and appliances.

We are convinced that the path to customer satisfaction leads through providing high-quality services and guaranteeing stable, high standards.