Our quality policy

Quality is the foundation pillar of our business strategy

Our mission:

The road to customer satisfaction leads through providing quality services and a continuous assurance of quality.


Our quality policy

The Company makes an effort to continuously improve the quality of its services, to remain on the market and to secure its future.
It strives to maintain its already established market position, increasing its market share and the number of customers.

The company also focuses greatly on continuously improving the quality of production. To this effect, it undertakes to:
– regulate its activity to improve its quality documented in its quality management system, ensuring the sustainability and development of the system,
– sets it as its objective to satisfy customer needs at high levels of quality,
– develops the quality-oriented perception and commitment of its employees in a scheduled manner,
– improve the level of services and to serve customer interests, the company establishes a Customer Service,
– the Company conducts regular market research and analysis to explore market needs,
– ensure continuous advanced training of its employees,
– the Company implements the measurement and analysis of quality costs,
– introduce and maintain an employment policy that meets market requirements.

Quality assurance

Our Company meets the requirements of the ISO-9001:2015 quality management system.

The certification has officially recognised our activity and the quality work behind it. By acquiring the certification, our primary objective was winning our customers’ satisfaction.

This international standard determined the requirements of a quality management system, when an organisation:

a) must prove its ability to continuously deliver a product or provide a service that meets the customer’s as well as the applicable legal and other regulatory requirements, and

b) has the objective of increasing customer satisfaction by the effective application of the system, including the processes that guarantee the development of the system and its compliance with the customers’ requirements as well as the applicable legal and other regulatory requirements.

Every requirement of this international standard is of general effect, and is intended to be applied to every organisation – regardless of their type, size, the transported product and the services offered.


Protection of the environment

Our company meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

The certification has officially recognised our efforts in mitigating the effects of the company’s activity on the environment. By acquiring the certification, our primary objective was sustainability and the protection of our environment.

The objective of the certification according to the ISO 14001 standard is to verify, through the KIR system of the certified organisation, its commitment to its environment, and to prove its efforts to mitigate its environmental impact. Through the certification, the organisation proves its compliance with societal expectations, thereby improving the company’s image and societal reputation.

Therefore, the primary objective of the standard requirements is to harmonise the protection of the environment and the mitigation of environmental pollution with social and legal requirements.